VivaChek received FDA 510(K)clearance for VivaChek Link Plus 4G Blood Glucose Monitoring System

We are excited to announce a significant milestone for VivaChek: our revolutionary VivaChek Link Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System received FDA 510(k) clearance on December 19th. This achievement marks a substantial advancement in diabetes management technology, signifying a noteworthy leap forward in our commitment to innovation and healthcare excellence.

VivaChek Link Plus Monitoring System combines the accuracy of glucose meters with the power of 4G real-time data transmission. It offers real-time data monitoring for timely management, remote monitoring for support and treatment adjustments, enhanced safety with alerts, comprehensive data analysis, simplified management, improved communication with healthcare providers, and seamless integration with digital platforms, empowering individuals with better diabetes control and personalized care.

The VivaChek Link Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System represents a significant step forward in diabetes care, providing individuals with the tools they need for better control, personalized care, and improved overall well-being.