Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Simple & Reliable

VivaGuard Ino, designed with a focus on ease of use and reliable testing, inspiring confidence and trust in every user. It simplifies the testing process, making it accessible for all, from novices to experienced users. Its rapid and accurate results ensure you get real-time insights into your glucose levels, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health. With our glucose meter, you can trust that you're getting dependable readings, enabling you to manage your diabetes with confidence. Take charge of your health with a glucose meter that truly puts your needs first.

Feature and Benefits

  • Accurate

    Utilizes advanced technology to deliver highly accurate blood glucose levels

  • 5s Test Time, 0.8μL Sample Needed

    A 5-second test time and 0.8 microliter sample requirement make glucose monitoring faster, less invasive, and more user-friendly

  • Large Memories

    Large memories for the comprehensive data tracking and analysis

  • 20 - 70% HCT

    Can test users with varying hematocrit levels

  • Strip Ejector

    Strip ejector helps in maintaining hygiene and reducing contamination risks by avoid to touch used strips

  • Test Reminders

    Helps users stay disciplined in their monitoring routine

Meter Specification

  • Display Screen

    37 mm × 31 mm
  • Dimensions

    82.5 mm × 52 mm × 18.2 mm
  • Battery

    Two (2) CR 2032 3.0V coin cell battery
  • Data Port

    Micro USB
  • Memory

    900 results with time and date

Uses with VivaGuard Ino Blood Glucose test strips.