Blood Glucose Test Strip

Proven accuracy

  • Less Interference
    Test strips have a unique algorithm that mitigates the effects of common interfering factors, thereby ensuring more accurate results
  • Designed for Safe Testing
    Strip designed with insufficient sample reminder, incompatible strip reminder and test environment detection, make readings more
Advanced 8 Electrodes
  • Glucose reaction signal detection
  • Check sample sufficient or not
  • Code calibration (auto-coding)
  • Recognize control solution
  • Eliminate hematocrit interference
  • Check test strip damaged or not
  • Check the humidity exposure
  • Check test strip compatible or not

Test Strip Specification

EnzymeGlucose Oxidase
Sample sizeAbout 0.8 μL
Coding methodAuto-coding
Hematocrit range20-70%
Sample typeFresh capillary whole blood
Primary siteFingertip
Operation temperature41°F - 113°F (5°C - 45°C)
Operation humidityR.H. ≦ 10 - 90% (non-condensing)
Test strip storage temperature36°F - 86°F (2°C - 30°C)
Test strip unopened shelf life24 months
Test strip opened shelf life6 months