Blood Glucose Monitoring System
VivaGuard Link Plus combines the accuracy of glucose meters with the power of 4G real-time data transmission. It offers real-time data monitoring for timely management, remote monitoring for support and treatment adjustments, enhanced safety with alerts, comprehensive data analysis, simplified management, improved communication with healthcare providers, and seamless integration with digital platforms, empowering individuals with better diabetes control and personalized care.

System Benefits

  • 4G Cellular

    4G real time data transmission for seamless data sharing and remote monitoring

  • 5s Test Time,0.8μL Sample Needed

    A 5-second test time and 0.8 microliter sample requirement make glucose monitoring faster, less invasive and more user-friendly

  • Strip Ejector

    Strip ejector helps in maintaining hygiene and reduce contamination

  • Large Display

    Large LCD screen with backlight for easy of use

System Work Flow

Meter Specification

DisplayLCD with backlight
Dimensions 100.9 mm × 61.6 mm × 23.7 mm
BatteryRechargeable lithium battery
Memory500 results with time, date and meal marker
Data Transfer4G
Strip EjectorYes

Uses with VivaGuard Ino Blood Glucose test strips.